Song Credits

The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (MacColl)
Go To Sleep (Traditional)
Cover Me (Schouw)
Pearls (Adu/Hale)
There Was A Young Man (Bailey/Echergray)
Perfect Indian (O'Connor)
Here Take This Lovely Flower (Traditional)
Song Without Words (Mendelssohn/Schouw/Koltai)
The Messenger * (Lanois)
Mr. Stork (Churchill/Wallace/Washington)
God Only Knows (Asher/Wilson)
Lullaby For Mother (Schouw/Bailey/Dimitrova)
Eat For Two (Merchant)
Tiny Hands (Schouw)
Spot (Belleno/Giovanni/Belleno/Massimiliamo)
Songbird (McVie)
Adelina (Loftus)

* Used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd.




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_-lisa schouw