Singing Over The Bones 2


In devising "Singing Over the Bones" we wanted to touch that place of deep feeling that comes with mothering; to reveal the inner world and private moments, creating a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences. The boat-like cot is a symbol of the place of birth and death and the nest of childhood; strong and protective, sometimes big and cumbersome for the mother. The costume has both medieval and Victorian style, boned with the constraints of the past and worn with the barefoot freedom of the present. Interwoven in the train are the bits of stuff mothers keep: curls of hair, a button, a photo, "baby slippers and baby spoons". This is a celebration of motherhood "with its rewards and punishments, its beauty and its hell" - a personal journey reflecting on "the so called art of the small" and a joyous reminder "what a truly miraculous thing this life business is".

Chrissie Koltai


"... the most extraordinary roller coaster ride of emotions ...experience it..."
-----------------------Michael Smith, Drum Media September 2000





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_-lisa schouw